You want to look into a home or business security system, but you don’t know where to start. Strangers have come to your door offering you a “FREE” security system, along with frightening stories about break-ins in your neighborhood.  Before making your decision, consider Rampart Security Systems, serving Greensburg, PA and the Westmoreland County area for over 30 years. At Rampart, we are your local, reliable, security systems company.
  • Our trained technicians can install many home systems in just a few hours and ensure it meets industry standards. Choosing Rampart saves you valuable time.
  • Have peace-of-mind that your system is professionally tested. When it needs service, our trained local technicians are ready to answer your call and your questions.
  • Stay within your budget. Contact us today for a free quote from our experienced security professionals.

Switch to Rampart

Did you have what you thought was a great introductory offer with “free” security system equipment?  Then the monitoring rates went up quickly and you found out your “free” equipment nothing but a hassle. If you don’t feel as protected as you should, and you’ve lost all confidence in your current security system, then it’s time to switch to Rampart. We can fix, adjust, and maintain over 99% of other systems to meet your needs.  We can even connect existing wired or wireless devices to our new touchscreen system.

The Rampart Advantage

  • Local Customer Care and Technical Support
  • Regular system tests, to assure that your security system is operating normally
  • “Switch to a Better Peace-of-Mind” knowing your system is monitored 24/7 by a central station with one of the industry’s highest ratings of confidence.
  • Connect existing wired or wireless devices to our new Touch-screen System.
Local home and business owners trust us as we take a personal approach in reviewing the system with you and make sure you understand how to it. We take time to make sure all of your security devices work well together and we make the installation clean and neat. Learn more on our Customer Reviews page. Call us for local quality service at 724-836-0900 or 1-888-RAMPART to schedule an appointment, or visit our Contact Us page.

Happy with your Rampart Security System?

If you are happy with the work Rampart Security did for you, please refer your friends and family, and save money too! Help them to “Switch to a Better Peace of Mind.” Refer a Friend to Rampart Security Systems.