Last Updated on March 29, 2021 by rampartsecurity

Each year, unsuspecting homeowners are targeted by scammers posing as a security representative. Have you noticed someone who looks like a security system rep knocking at your door. If you weren’t expecting a sales or service call, you try to determine if this is real or bogus. You aren’t alone with this puzzle. Warm weather season is also prime time for some less-than-honest alarm salespeople looking for a quick sell. All over the country, door knockers scam security system customers and homeowners, into signing a new contract or gain access into a home. How can you protect yourself and your loved ones? Follow these tips to help determine if the sales or service rep is actually with the business.

5 Ways to Identify a Security Scam Knocking at Your Door

  1. If you weren’t expecting a visit from your current company, call the office to confirm.
  2. Be leery if the salesperson tries to tell you that your current company is now out of business and has been taken over by another company.
  3. Some visitors will also try to tell you that they are a “sister” company of your current company. If you haven’t heard from your current company, give them a call to confirm.
  4. Look for ID and a uniform with logo.
  5. Ask for the name and phone number for whom the salesperson works. Remember, reputable security companies won’t mind a phone call to verify the visit.