Give yourself the gift of convenience this year!  It’s a great time to take a step into the future as smart home automation continues growing.  Add peace of mind security with a smart door lock and extra eyes with a video doorbell.  These home automation products put control in your hand with the app and also integrate with your existing security system.

Automation Locks in Easier Routines

The addition has so many useful instances.  Did you ever leave your house and forget to lock it?  Even though we generally don’t like to admit it, it seems to occasionally happen in most homes.  Add a layer of safety by having your door lock when you arm your security system from anywhere you are.


Yes, you can lock your door from your smartphone when you’re miles from home and realize you forgot.  It makes those “oops” moments so much easier and safer!

Unlocking the door with the smart lock eliminates hassle and gets you in the door quickly.  Maybe you’re a runner or walker and find carrying keys around to be bulky. The keys weigh down your pocket or you worry about losing them as you exercise around the neighborhood.  Not to mention some work-out clothes simply don’t provide secure pockets.  Perhaps you dread fumbling around on a cold winter day, searching your many layers of clothes pockets for keys.   Those days are history!  Give someone temporary access to your home with more confidence.  Instead of worrying about giving them a key that could be copied, simply use the door lock so you can turn off their access when you would like.

The smart door lock has so many instances where it can make your life easier to unlock your home’s door by simply entering your code.  Are you wondering if your kids got in the door and when?  Find out who’s locked and unlocked your door with the app.  Make it both easy and secure.

This Video Doorbell Sees it Clearly

Replace any wired doorbell switch with a 2K HD resolution video doorbell that also serves as a motion detector.  From the Alula ecosystem, bridging the gap between DIY and professional smart security, the camera simply pairs with your existing security system in one smart app.  Security experts estimate that 30 million households are interested in purchasing a video doorbell this year.  Take that interest one step further and make a video doorbell a reality.   Designed with professional grade features, you’ll see why it’s clearly above the competition.

See more with a class-leading 180⁰ field of view that advances this doorbell camera to the top of the list.  Video clips are automatically saved to the cloud for instant recall as part of the Alula Network.  Redundant storage is also made easy with a 16GB MicroSD card that comes included with the camera.

Be a step ahead as the passive infrared motion sensor sends a notification to your phone when someone approaches the door, plus automatically start the recording 10 seconds prior to the motion event.  Playback is easy with the clips saved to the Alula App calendar.

Ready for practically anything Mother Nature throws at it, featuring a IP65 weatherproof rating, the camera can operate from -20⁰F to 140⁰F.  Unlike other cameras, it’s also designed to successfully operate in wet, inclement weather.

Keep an extra eye on package deliveries this holiday season!  Call us today to have peace of mind in knowing what’s happening at the front door.

Shop Local for Smart Home Technology

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