Keeping a busy schedule, you’re glad to have your home protected when you can’t be there. Make your life easier with professional smart home automation. You can even usually integrate it with your existing system. We can save you the time it takes to figure these devices out, so you can get back out to the golf course, running your business, camping with your family, or whatever else you’d rather be doing over the weekend. Customize your automation options with video door bells, remotely controlled locks, thermostats, and lighting control. Get the benefits of modern security combined with local support. When you have home automation set up by security system techs, you have a more thorough understanding of the devices, placement, and integration than what you would typically get off the shelf. These security specialists can draw on their professional security alarm experience to advise you of the pros and cons of proper placement of the devices based on key factors such as size of your property, building construction, and normal expected activity. When you have home automation tech questions, the same local support you’ve come to rely on, is available by phone 24/7. Call us for a FREE Quote!