With so many things to do during the week, it’s easy to look past signs you be may sending to potential burglars and other ways you can be prepared get help. 1. Don’t show too much: a. Keep your ladders and tools out of the yard when you aren’t around. b. Store bicycles and toys in an out-of-view place – leaving useful items in view signals to burglars more coveted items may be inside. c. Use window coverings on garage and basement windows – add a touch of privacy to your storage to keep wandering eyes out. 2. Don’t give the burglars cover or an easy path: a. Trim bushes around doors and windows regularly – don’t make it easier for potential burglars to hide. b. Consider outdoor lighting to deter and make it more difficult for intruders with shadows. c. Reinforce bedroom doors with solid wood – these take more time to open than standard interior doors 3. Be watchful and ready to get help: a. The typical burglar lives within 2 miles of the target home. They easily learn your schedule, so try to vary your routine sometimes to minimize the risk. b. Keep your cell phone charged – if your phones lines are cut or out due to power failure, you’ll need a way to call for help. c. Add reflective numbers to your house – easily visible house numbers help emergency response find you sooner.