Are you a snowbird heading south for the winter?   We have you covered with tips to winterize your home before you leave.  With modern smart security systems, you have more options than ever to check on and control your house from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Get up-to-date on the preparations to make your home safe and sound.Snow covered hose  

Maintain a neat and safe home exterior

  • Be sure that your outside water faucets are turned off, remove the hoses, and check for any water left in the system.
  • Cleaning the debris from gutters and checking the flow of water in the downspouts to prevent future water damage.
  • Remember to have any overgrown or dying tree limbs cut back that could potentially damage the roof or siding during a storm or heavy snow.
  • Besides keeping up with your regular yardwork, think ahead about a neighbor or other local who can remove snow from your driveway and make your yard look used.

Watch out for clues that may tip off burglars

  • Leaving patio furniture outside in the snowy winter isn’t just bad for the cushions, it’s a loud signal to would-be burglars.  During the comfortable autumn weather, it may be difficult to imagine cold, snowy days, but meteorologists indicate it’s coming.
  • It’s not just your regular mail that needs a forwarding address.  Remember all of your subscriptions that may not forward as easily and pile-up.
  • Hiding a key under the mat or a rock is hardly hiding it from burglars.  Instead, give a spare set to a local friend or relative to keep an eye on your home.

Protect your home from the inside

  • Pulling the plug on items such as your television and microwave in case of a power surge or lightening strike.
  • Opening your refrigerator and dishwasher will dry out any moisture and prevent mold growth while you’re away for an extended vacation.
  • Take a home inventory including pictures of your high-value items, such as furniture, art, collections, electronics, and jewelry.  For electronics, be sure to have a picture of the serial number.  For jewelry, save all your receipts and appraisals.
  • Have an annual inspection of your security alarm system and smoke detectors.   Professional, experienced service techs should clean dust and debris from each device, test to the central monitoring station, and update any low batteries.

Check on your home from anywhere

  • Be alerted to extreme temperature drops before a pipe bursts.Controling the smart home functions with a tablet
  • If a water leak occurs while you’re away, get notified quickly.
  • Turn on and off your home’s lamps and other lighting at any time from the comfort of your winter haven.
  • Monitor who’s going into and leaving your home by pulling up remote video surveillance on your phone.
  • Remotely control your locks if you need to let a dog-sitter or caretaker in the house but not interested in a code.
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