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Someone is knocking at the door and you can’t get there easily.  You’ve had a hip or knee replacement, or perhaps just not feeling well.  Getting up and going to the door can be a challenge for a senior or someone with a disability.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see who was at the door without having to lift more than a finger?  This is why seniors find comfort with security cameras.  Besides being a way to catch a crime, more and more people who live alone rely on these to make a routine task easier.

Safely Answering the Door

Your eighty year old mother wants to live at home for as long as possible, but you worry about her safety.  We have a solution for you.  A safety system designed for her.  She’ll be able to see a live picture of who’s at the door on a simple tablet or iPad.  Technology skills are not necessary.  During the course of a day, she may have a friend visit, then a door-to-door salesman, a package delivery, and a grandchild all stop by.  Don’t expend extra energy and rattle your nerves getting to the door.  Get a live view of outside without having to get up.

Watching Over Seniors Living Independently

Imagine the following scenario.  She’s all set up with the system.  You’re at the office and wondering how she’s doing so you view who’s at her door on your smartphone or other device.  This is just one of the many ways to check.  In fact, if she has motion detectors in the house, you can check and see if she is up and going through her normal schedule.  Did she walk from the bedroom to the living room yet? Has she picked up the newspaper from the porch? Give yourself peace of mind. Find out if she’s ok.  If she needs help, she can get help with just a touch of a button.   Our systems take an emergency call button system to a new level with our advanced solutions.  Click here for more information about our Senior Safety Systems.