Always There Security Cameras offer an extra layer of safety and cost savings for your home or business.
  • More affordable than ever! Advances in technology mean that effective security surveillance is within the reach of every homeowner and business.
  • Cameras can be installed inside or outside; whatever meets your individual needs.
  • We also offer video verification as part of our integrated security solutions.
  • Our crystal clear video tells the true story.
  • Rely on always there video, recording, and support to provide the information you need.
  • Have tech support help with video playback and Network Video Recorder (NVR) needs.
Our certified technicians will assess your property and help you decide what best meets your security requirements.

Residential Cameras


Have security video ready from any smart device with a custom designed, professionally installed residential security camera system.

We specialize in easy-to-use systems for all of our customers, regardless of personal technology skills. Trust your local security experts to add safety to your everyday life. Taking a personal approach, we show you how to use your system and be comfortable with it.

Watch a video demonstrating how a Rampart security camera protects a home.

Take a look at some of the uses for a networked, monitored surveillance system.

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Commercial Cameras

See what our commercial security cameras offer for your business or organization

Rampart security experts professionally install CCTV or IP cameras and recorders (NVR) that provide an extra layer of safety. Watch a video highlighting our camera installation and service.

Video Verification

Today, alarm systems alone are no longer the most effective deterrent to burglaries. At Rampart Security Systems, our experience is that security cameras, including video and audio surveillance, lead to a quicker response time to verified incidents.
  • Almost 98% of all alarms are false alarms, slowing overall police response times for as long as two hours.
  • True alarm verification comes in the form of live audio, or video, or an eyewitness account, which is the current trend of alarm verification.
Video verification systems help police and other responders make better use of limited resources. With the more advanced levels of verification, central stations are able to better provide responding police officers with information based on real-time audio and video. Video verification also results in higher arrest and conviction rates.  Watch a demonstration video.

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