You likely have had a few debit or credit cards replaced with the newer chip technology.  These newer cards put an end to the skimmers that scammers stole payment information with by inserting device at the card reader.  Now, these scammers are back with a new way to fraudulently access your payment information.  With shimming, scammers insert a shim, or very thin card-sized device with embedded microchip and flash storage in the card reader.  How do you prevent them from accessing your info?
  1. Keep close watch on accounts online – checking for any suspicious charges
  2. Be careful if your card gets stuck in a chip reader – this could indicate a shim is inside
  3. Use the “tap-and-go” method on your card or a contactless method
  4. Avoid ATMs in less traveled areas and instead use ATMs in banks and well-lit areas
  5. As you enter your pin, cover the keypad with your hand