You’re crossing items off your to-do list and just need to check a few things online and your day will be complete. Then a pop-up suddenly appears on your screen with an ominous warning from a tech support company. The scammer prompts you to call a phone number to resolve a so-called issue with your IP address. The “rep” further mentions that your IP address is being used by shady individuals on less than reputable sites and you could be held liable for their actions. Another version of this scam involves the scam artists cold-calling without even being online. They claim to be able to fix the problem for a fee and after you give them remote access to your computer. Don’t let his happen to you, be weary of unsolicited phone calls especially if the caller pressures you. Only allow remote access to techs or support companies that you have legitimately contacted before. Be weary of opening attachments or links in emails from unknown senders – these can generate the less desirable pop-ups. If you suspect something isn’t quite right, don’t click on anything, and rather restart your computer