Last Updated on March 10, 2021 by rampartsecurity

Walking out into a dark, mostly empty parking lot at night?  We’ve all been there where we are distracted by the day and just want to get home.  You get your keys ready, and stroll to the car door.  Are you on your phone or texting and shuffling bags in your hands?  These are signs that a predator uses to spot an easy target.  Reduce your chances of being targeted by being alert and cutting out distractions.  Make an effort to scan the area, signaling that you won’t be snuck up on.  Park by a light, or where other cars will be around.  As you approach your car, be sure to take a look around the car and inside the car before entering.  Once in, lock the doors, even if you have bags head straight to the driver side and lock the door behind you.  If you wait to get in, someone could easily come up behind you without you seeing or hearing them.