Security-Camera-System Your reasons to have a security camera system are as unique as you and your lifestyle. Perhaps, you’re checking in on your home while you’re on vacation, finding out if landscaping is done, or simply being cautious in today’s world. There’s plenty of reasons why. Take a look at some of these reasons you should have a networked, monitored surveillance system. After all, seeing is believing.  

1. See kids safely come home from school

Busy at work while your kids are coming in the door?  Take a quick look to see who’s coming in the door.  

2. Help the elderly determine if they should answer the door

Sometimes it’s hard for the elderly to make it to the door quickly even when you’re expecting a visitor.  See who’s at the door while sitting in a favorite comfy living room chair.  

3. Keep watch on home delivery packages (Porch Pirates)

Find out a bit more than that “delivered” status in your email.  See if your package is not only nice and dry but also out of view from prying eyes.  

4. Check and see if your landscaping has been kept up while you’re away

Don’t be surprised by what’s happening at home while you’re soaking up the sun far away.  See if the grass is cut,  the leaves are raked, or if snow is cleared.  

5. Watch out for unusual activity in the neighborhood

If something doesn’t seem quite right in your backyard or anywhere around the house, remember quality video tells the true story.  

6. See who’s at the door before you answer the doorbell

Add a layer of security with another way to find out who’s unexpectedly ringing the doorbell when your family is home.  

7. Receive a discount your homeowner’s insurance

Invest in a security camera system to save you $$$ in the long run.  

8. Keep an eye on pets

See if Fido is behaving in the yard or when that cat came into the picture.  

9. Deter criminals from breaking-in with strategically placed cameras

It’s estimated that 2 out of 3 burglaries can be avoided with a security camera.  

10. Watch your home remotely from your smart device

Get peace of mind by checking on the house from anywhere you are.  

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