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  • Touchscreen Keypad Upgrade
    Touchscreen Keypad Upgrade
    Modernize your existing security system with the new Alula Touchscreen keypad! Using your security system with a touchscreen keypad can...
  • Top Fraud of 2019
    Top Fraud of 2019
    Here’s the sad news from last year:  most likely either you or someone you know has received a scam call...
  • Package Tracking Scam Alert
    Package Tracking Scam Alert
    Scam attempts continue to be more creative as a package delivery company was recently targeted.  Individuals expecting a delivery were...
  • Attended Cooking Putting a Lid on Fires
    Attended Cooking Putting a Lid on Fires
    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports an average of 173,200 home cooking equipment fires annually.  Of these, nearly one...
  • Smart Thermostat Savings
    Smart Thermostat Savings
    SET IT AND FORGET IT Your days are busy, you work hard, and you want to go home in the...