“Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware Fire Can Happen Anywhere ” That’s the theme of this year’s National Fire Prevention Association’s Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13. Experts remind you to look for and identify potential fire hazards and take care of them. Adults and children alike should also be able to hear a smoke alarm if it sounds, as you may have only minutes to exit the room. Learning two ways out of each room and making sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily in case of fire is something you can do now to be prepared, just in case. The NFPA also has a great resource (with videos and games) for children to learn about fire safety at www.sparky.org In the event of your smoke detector or other alarm devices sounding, your monitored alarm system may also notify you via phone. Call us at 724-836-0900 to find out more about fire alarm device notification and how it could make a difference in your home. Our techs can perform an annual cleaning and testing of your monitored devices to make sure batteries are fresh, devices are clean and free of dust, and the system is functioning correctly.