Updating Your Alarm System Keypad


Easily control your alarm system with a touchscreen keypad

We are excited to offer a touchscreen keypad that is similar to the quick responsive touchscreen apps you’ve become accustomed to. It is so simple to operate that all ages and technological skill levels can use out of the box. The Alula Slimline touchpad merges intrusion and automation into one sleek modern security keypad and is as easy to operate as your favorite tablet. Setting new benchmarks for professional grade security and simplicity, the touchscreen keypad is wireless, full color, and the size of a seven inch tablet. 

Check out our updated touchscreen security. About the size of a small tablet, easily navigate between the menus, view the cameras, and set automation scenes.


Use the similar phone app or security system keypad

The mobile app operates virtually the same as the touchscreen keypad. If you’re away from home and need to set the alarm, using the app will be very similar to the keypad. Similar icons and clean user-friendly interfaces create the smooth transition from your security system keypad to your phone app. You’ll quickly arm and disarm your system from either the keypad or phone app to keep your home safe and sound. Home security is nearly intuitive with the touchscreen keypad and corresponding app.  

What features are included in the touchscreen security keypad?

The system provides peace of mind as you take simple steps to arm and disarm your system, review security alerts, and more on your keypad.  The seven inch tablet sized screen provides you with a large viewing screen to comfortably see your security system keeping you safe.  Easily check your system status and the zones all in one dashboard view.  Simply touch the devices section to check in on both your intrusion sensors and any  environmental sensors you add on, all from one keypad or app.  

Does the touchscreen keypad display home automation?

Yes, the keypad has been designed to make smart home security reliable, flexible, and intuitive. From a main dashboard screen with system status on the left hand side, your security and automation devices appear on the right hand side to provide any updates with your devices.  Check your home automaton devices, including environmental monitoring devices, from the main screens. For example, you’ll see if any water has been detected by the flood sensor.  Get a reading from the carbon monoxide detector.  Watch for your lights to automatically turn on and off when you set a scene.  Adjust lights, locks, thermostats, and other Z-wave devices from one keypad.  Check out our home automation article for more information.  You’ll also receive real-time notifications on motion.  Create your favorites and scenes all from the dashboard to keep your home running smoothly even if you’re away. Security Home Automation Devices

Does the touchscreen keypad mount to the wall or is it a tabletop set?

The keypad comes with a mounting screw so you can hang it on the wall if you wish.  Since the keypad is the size of a seven inch tablet, many people choose to set it anywhere with a tabletop stand that also comes along with it.  Whichever the choice, the modern look of the keypad compliments most entryways.  

Can I upgrade to this keypad and still use my older system?

It depends on the type of the system that you have.  Some security systems have a smoother transition to the newer technology than others.  Technical research is underway to make the modern keypad a reality for as many homes as possible.  For more information about upgrading your keypad, give us a call to speak with a trained alarm technician at 724-836-0900  

If I like this keypad and decide to upgrade, are all of the devices wireless?

Yes, the devices that are designed to communicate specifically with this keypad are all wireless.  A full line up of wireless products ranging from door/window contacts, transmitters, motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, are all available for wireless installation. For more information on the Alula smart security system, check out our DIY page  
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