Get house door alerts from anywhere instead of wondering if someone stopped by. You plan your day from what time you’re running to the store, when you should be back in time to change your clothes, and then when you’re heading out again for an appointment. What you aren’t planning on is when someone else might be stopping by and going inside. The Rampart DIY security system is a smart way to find out who is stopping by your home when you can’t be there. For instance, maybe you have a dog walker on busy days. You can assign this person a four digit code so that you receive alerts to your phone when the door or gate is entered by them. Plus if you show them how to arm the system, you can also receive a notification indicating what time they left. You might also give a key to a relative who is checking on the place while you’re away. You’ll receive notifications to your phone at the time the person enters his or her code as well as have an activity log to look back at if you miss the message while you’re away from your phone.

Regularly arming your system and having family members and guests use codes is a simple way to add safety to your home, understanding more who is coming in and going out. These days, most security systems can do this, but with the Rampart DIY system we simplify it.

Rampart DIY Features:

  • Affordable Home Security
  • Easy to Self Install for Home Safety
  • Mobile App Similar to Keypad
  • Fast Responding Alarm Alerts
  • Local Alarm Tech Support with Video Chat

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