Last Updated on March 10, 2021 by rampartsecurity

Have you seen suspicious activity lately?  Maybe you thought you heard a noise or saw something that didn’t look normal?  It’s possible you saw something that could help police.  A recent Greensburg security camera capturing a burglary at a local restaurant provided evidence for the investigation.  Thanks to Rampart Always There Video recording surveillance footage, our forensic video management team quickly provided information to law enforcement. Regular system checks assure owners that their camera system is recording and always there when needed.  In the daylight or dark night, Rampart can be your extra set of eyes when you can’t be there.  In fact, you can even see what’s happening in real time on your phone.   High definition images from multiple camera angles tell the true story.   Call us today at 724-836-0900 for a free camera quote and evaluation!   Always There Video has protecting many parts of Westmoreland County and the surrounding Western Pennsylvania area for over 30 years. Visit our camera page for more information.  As always, if you have information about the break-in, please contact the police directly.
Greensburg Security Camera Capturing Burglary

Freeze frame of the burglary caught on security camera footage.