Receiving Alerts on Fake Packages

Among many things that were changed by the pandemic were our shopping habits. Online sales, according to The United States Census Bureau, reached $211.5 billion in the second quarter of 2020 which was nearly a 45% increase year-over-year. As more and more consumers rely on e-commerce, scammers have bamboozled the unsuspecting consumer regarding a pending delivery. It starts with a message to “verify” personal information or provide payment information to reschedule delivery. Besides compromising your personal information, you could end up signing up for difficult-to-cancel subscription services. Protect yourself by:
  1. Not clicking on unsolicited links or attachments in texts or emails claiming to be from package delivery services.
  2. Do not supply your personal information
  3. As in most scams, look out for words like “urgent” or “last chance”
  4. Go the source, that is the official delivery service website direct and check the tracking number.