Door-to-Door Scam Alert

Who is that door-to-door knocker?

Careful!  Before you answer that knock at the door, be mindful that the warm sunny weather is the perfect season for fraudsters to disguise themselves as repairmen, inspectors, surveyors, and salespersons.  These scam artists tend to prey on the elderly but no homeowner or tenant is generally off limits to them.  They try to distract you so that conspirators can sneak into your house and steal from you or case the place for a later break-in.

How do you protect yourself from the door scam artists?

Safeguard yourself from these door knockers by only getting work done by crews that you schedule ahead of time, have written contracts, references, verified credentials, and state contractor numbers.  A good habit to be in when you schedule an appointment is to have the person’s name and typical uniform before arrival.  Also, have a description of the vehicle he or she will be arriving in. If you find yourself at the doorstep with someone you don’t know, be wary if they claim to be performing home maintenance you did not request, are asking you to change energy providers, are looking for donations for a charity you are unfamiliar with, or other out of the blue topics you were not planning on.

What if you think you’re being scammed?

Look up the company’s phone number on a reputable site on your own, call yourself, and confirm the appointment.   Ask detailed questions including the ID card, and ask about company contact information to compare it.  Be wary if the worker cannot provide you with some type of written confirmation regarding the visit.