Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by rampartsecurity

Dodging Utility Scams

Rushing around after a busy day, a call from your electric or other utility company is the last thing you may be expecting. Hot summer days come with the knowledge to scammers that any threat to your air conditioner cooling you down, could throw you for a loop. The scammers propose a service shut off unless you give up personal and financial information.

We hope these utility scams don’t happen to you but rather you stay mindful of trending scams.

  • Sometimes they flip the situation around mention you have a refund coming and need your bank account or card information to “refund”.
  • Remember fraudsters get better and better at catching people off guard. Also keep an eye out for individuals who claim to be with a utility company and knock at your door unannounced.
  • If it doesn’t seem right, stop and get more information before doing anything. Make some phone calls if you have doubts.