Self Install Security Alarm System

It’s easy to self install a wireless alarm system in your home with Rampart Security systems based in Greensburg, PA. Chose from easy delivery options: curbside pick up, ship to your door, or delivery by a Rampart Tech. The self install averages less than one hour!

Be Safe with Rampart’s DIY Home Security System

During challenging times, Greensburg, PA based Rampart Security Systems has your safety in mind. Rampart offers a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home security system installation. Our new smart alarm system is designed for easy self-installation. Conveniently, putting safety in your hands, the system can be as small or large as you’d like. This modern wireless security system also provides you the opportunity to add-on additional products and services. We walk you through selecting devices to suit your needs and get the system up and running to protect you, without being on-site. Our experienced alarm professionals stand-by to pre-program your system and serve as your security consultants. Your home, like many, may now be an office, school, and cafeteria. It’s time for security systems to add a layer of safety for everyone.

Security solutions with local tech support and video chat, are just a call away.

Watch the video below for how to quickly get a self install home security system up and going to protect you. After our guided device selection to suit your home, we help you with unboxing your DIY security system, so you know exactly where to start. An easy to use first security system, you’ll understand how the different parts, or devices, make up the security system to keep you safe and protected.

In this seven part how-to video series, see how easy it is to self install a home security system with professional guidance:
  • See how to mount door contacts, window contacts, motion detectors, and flood sensors.
  • Get installation tips on spacing the door contact transmitter and magnet, see how to activate a motion detector, and how easy it is to protect your home from water or extreme temperature change with our wireless home security devices.
  • Find out how to make sure proper signals are being sent to protect you from intruders breaking in.

Security and Automation Devices in Home

What is a smart alarm system?

If you’ve been thinking about smart home technology, you’ve probably seen some smart alarm systems and wonder if it is for you. Smart alarm systems are security systems that were designed to be controlled from your smartphone. Some smart alarm systems come without a keypad. Overall, it’s a modern security system that connects to your home network and wireless technology. A smart alarm system is usually less expensive and the equipment takes up less space. The alarm control panel is usually the size of a router. In fact, the alarm system connects into the router providing the means for your alarm signals to transmit. The other equipment such as door/window sensors, motion detectors, and water leak sensors are wireless and can be easily mounted. Our DIY Security System is a smart alarm system. Plus, a keypad is available that mimic’s the app, so you the user interface is familiar

Wireless DIY Security System for Homeowners and Renters

Homeowners and renters alike find peace of mind in the life safety and protection our easy do it yourself security alarm system delivers. Burglars are usually three times more likely to break into a home without a security system than homes with a system. This DIY security system is completely wireless, which makes it a great fit to protect apartments and other homes where permanent alterations are limited.


What makes our self install security system the best choice?

  • Have the best of both worlds with similar features of a professionally installed wireless security alarm system and the convenience that comes with a DIY project
  • When you call us, you’re making a phone call to experienced alarm technicians who have likely been keeping your neighborhood safe for years.
  • Based in Greensburg, we commonly have a dozen service trucks throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area, so if you need a security alarm tech, we’re close by.
  • Your system arrives pre-programmed, ready to go out of the box so that you can simply mount in less than an hour. Rampart DIY is supported with local professional alarm installation, service, and monitoring provider.
  • Choose how you receive alarm notifications to your phone.
  • Plus, it’s an ecosystem geared toward the first-time security system user with life safety in mind.

Affordable Home Security

The system can be designed to fit most budgets. No longer only for the affluent, security alarm systems have become incredibly affordable for average households and budgets. You select the devices, making it as simple or as extensive as you would like. Our monitoring rates are as low as $20 per month for self-monitoring service.

Easy to Self Install for Home Safety

Our system’s installation is easy enough that if you can hang up adhesive plastic hooks, you can self install the Rampart DIY Security System in your home. It typically takes less than one hour to setup the pre-programmed DIY security system yourself. This quick setup time, with no security alarm experience needed, could be installed during just part of an evening, leaving you plenty of time for everything else on your busy schedule. It’s so simple that anyone from kids to grandparents can connect your devices and replace batteries when needed.

Security System Mobile App Similar to Keypad

The system was designed for you to easily switch between multiple devices with similar capabilities. The mobile app operates virtually the same as the optional touchscreen keypad. This makes it easy to familiarize yourself with operating your security system. You’ll smoothly navigate the menus with a similar layout on all devices. Arming and disarming your security system is intuitive with the clean, user-friendly interface.

Touchscreen Keypad Resembles Phone App

Fast Responding Alarm Alerts

Receive quick notifications if a door or window is unexpectedly ajar, giving you more time to react. Testing has found Alula products among the alarm industry’s fastest response times. It’s easier to feel comfortable with the security system knowing when you call for technical support, you’re speaking to someone in our local Greater Pittsburgh office. With the Rampart DIY Security System, you get local expert advice from experienced security professionals that customers have trusted for more than thirty years. Our techs can help you with device placement, testing, and other technical support you may need.

Local Alarm Tech Support with Video Chat

Professional security alarm techs are ready to help you via phone or video chat on multiple platforms. We’ve been securing homes for decades in the Greensburg and surrounding Greater Pittsburgh region and understand every home has different security needs. You may have questions on where to put a door or window contact, or if your motion detector is functioning properly, we are with you every step of the way to guide through any device selection, installation, service, or other alarm questions you may have.

Other Frequently Asked Questions on DIY Security

1. What home security options can I choose?

You have a full line of wireless security devices to choose from and customize your security alarm system. A good system has sensors on your doors and windows, motion detectors, and glass break detectors. Systems with better protection offer you monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and heat detectors. We’re taking security and life safety further with available real-time reporting of elevated carbon monoxide levels, extreme temperature drops, and if any water has been detected. Receive early detection alerts that save your house from thousands of dollars in damage from a water leak, flood, or other environmental change.

Security and Home Automation Product Selection Guide

Simply choose your security and home automation devices along with your installation preference.

2. Can I add on smart home automation?

Yes! Easily controlling your lights, locks, and thermostat from a smartphone has become a popular choice. We offer a full line of Z-wave compatible devices that integrate with the home security systems so you can view and change all of your home’s automation devices all from one single source app.

3. What comes in the Rampart Security DIY starter kit for $99?

  • Security Controller
  • 3 Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 Interior Motion Detector
  • 1 Interior Siren
  • Cell Phone App
*Add on additional devices at competitive prices

The Rampart DIY Security System and all of your selected devices ship to you pre-programmed. Inside you’ll also find an installation guide to help you with any questions regarding mounting and testing your security devices. If you run into questions, call our tech support line to speak with a trained alarm technician from our Greensburg,PA office.

Choose DIY or Professional Install

4. What tools do I need to install the DIY security system?

This system arrives ready to install out of the box. In an effort to conserve battery life during shipping, you may need to remove battery protection tabs inside the devices and screw the device shut with the tool provided in your DIY starter kit. You may also need a step stool or small ladder if you are placing the devices in homes with higher ceilings.

5. Is the alarm system available for curbside pickup or home delivery?

Yes, choose between curbside pickup, having the system shipped directly to your door, or since we usually are somewhere in the area, we can even arrange for delivery by a Rampart tech.

When you choose the Rampart DIY Security System, you have more options along with affordability, simple installation and operation, optimized mobile app, fast response, and local experienced technicians ready to help.

Just give us a call at 724-836-0900 or 1-888-RAMPART. Use our contact form to request a consultation with one of our experienced, professional technicians.