If your alarm is going off and there is nothing wrong, call us at 724-836-0900 or COPS Monitoring at 800-367-2677. For security purposes, you will need your pass code.

About False Alarms

False alarms are costly to everyone, but false alarms a can be prevented or greatly reduced by both residential and commercial customers by learning the most common causes of false alarms and following a few simple tips.

Common False Alarm Causes:

  • Wrong keypad code
  • Batteries needing replacement
  • Acts of Nature

How Can You Reduce Your False Alarms:

  • Have an annual inspection of your system where all devices will be cleaned and tested.
  • Inform the monitoring center of new pass and arming codes, and new or removed authorized users.
  • Properly train all users.
  • Secure all doors and windows before turning on the system.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are tight within the frame.
  • Keep moving items such as fans, balloons, and drones away from motion detectors.
At Rampart Security, we appreciate your assistance in keeping false alarms to a minimum.

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