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Commercial Security Camera Systems – Local, Experienced, Professional

Business and organization decision makers have a lot to consider with security cameras. Video surveillance is increasingly important in today’s quickly changing world. Your organization’s security and fire alarm safety is in place. After that, are you still are shopping around for commercial security cameras? You have a lot of options as you look for what meets your needs. Locally owned and operated alarm dealer in southwestern Pennsylvania with 35 years of experience, cameras are our specialty.

Take a look at the top reasons for a commercial camera system and why we’re a better choice with Rampart Security Camera Advantages!

Top Ten Reasons for a Video System for Your Business

  1. Prevent theft with security camera systems being your extra eyes.
  2. Watch out for unusual activity to ensure things are going smoothly with real-time monitoring.
  3. Provide evidence for police investigations into criminal or suspicious activity.
  4. Find out how to improve product placement and optimize store traffic.
  5. Prevent employee misconduct/theft.
  6. Resolve conflicts between employees and customers.
  7. Verify your property is maintained (snow removal/lawn service).
  8. Reduce property insurance premiums – Many insurance providers provide a discount.
  9. Save money with monitored video surveillance instead of hiring full-time security officers.
  10. Have evidence in case of a fake injury/insurance claim.

Always There Security Cameras Offer Extra Safety and Cost Savings for Your Business.

  • More affordable than ever! Advances in technology mean that effective security surveillance is within the reach of every homeowner and business.
  • Cameras can be installed inside or outside; whatever meets your individual needs.
  • We also offer video verification as part of our integrated security solutions.
  • Our crystal clear video tells the true story.
  • Rely on always there video, recording, and support to provide the information you need.
  • Have tech support help with video playback and Network Video Recorder (NVR) needs.

Our camera technicians will assess your property and help you decide what best meets your security requirements. Call us today for a free security evaluation!