It’s easy to take for granted the smoke detector in the bedroom or hallway during your busy routine and not think twice about following up on checking it. The National Fire Protection Association’s 2012-2016 study of smoke alarms found 3 out of 5 home fire deaths were in properties with no smoke alarms at all or with improperly operating smoke alarms that were not operating correctly. If the home had a functioning smoke alarm, the risk of dying was cut in half compared to those without proper smoke alarms. Adding an extra layer of safety to the protection smoke alarms provide, the NFPA found half of the homes with a functioning alarm had a hardwired smoke detector. If you’re weighing the benefits of different types of alarms, consider that more fire damage has resulted without a hard-wired smoke detector as compared to only having battery-powered smoke detectors. Plus, you could be alerted from virtually anywhere if an emergency arises.