Quality Surveillance Video Tells the True StoryDid you know that last year over 11 million packages were stolen from porches? Make sure this doesn’t happen to your holiday gifts! Look out for package deliveries with surveillance video. It takes a lot of time to find that perfect present. You anxiously check the tracking info to see if it arrived. Where is it? The package says delivered, but where? Is it safely on the porch or was it left in the driveway? Is it protected from rain and snow? Be ahead of your deliveries this year. Find out exactly what’s happening with your packages this year. It’s a busy time of year with lots of places to be.  Get some help with quality security cameras keeping an eye out for you. Use Rampart Always There Video to view your porch on your phone when your package is expected. Have peace of mind, not worry, this holiday season! Give the gift of security this year with our leading 4-channel 1080P cameras that stream to your devices.  Enjoy the convenience of knowing loved ones are safe with the ability to monitor a home or other building from a remote location.  Check out our Security Cameras page or give us a call at 724-836-0900