It’s estimated that 67% of burglaries can be avoided with installation of a security camera. If a break-in occurs, surveillance video can lead to the detection of the intruder. Many of these potential intruders are deterred if they know a security camera is recording their activity. Rampart Always There Video is your local solution to protecting your loved ones and your property with surveillance footage to support an investigation in event of an incident. You can choose from three types of camera systems ranging from Good, Better, and Best. These 3 options all include night vision and remote access on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Imagine you just heard a noise in the dark night. With security cameras, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can pull your camera view up and see if your driveway, porch, and backyard are all normal. See what’s happening on any of your home cameras when you’re meeting up with friends at a restaurant, watching the soccer game, or running errands. Simply pull up the app on your smartphone. Security cameras can make your life that much easier. Plus, if you need help with video playback or troubleshooting a camera “spot”, your video management service at Rampart is just a local phone call away. Now available with more options. Contact us today for a free consultation where you select options to fit your lifestyle and budget.