Last Updated on February 26, 2021 by rampartsecurity

You have a security system for safety and comfort. Your daily routine includes arming and disarming the alarm and checking in via the phone app. It is likely at some point the alarm system will beep due to one of many possible reasons. Be prepared by knowing common alarm triggers.

Detecting an Emergency

The alarm system may beep due to the emergencies that it is designed to protect you from such as a perceived intrusion, elevated CO level, or smoke. Make sure the property is safe from intrusion around the perimeter. Consider if a smoke detector is around that may have detected smoke. Could it be from unattended cooking? Since CO is an invisible, odorless, tasteless gas, consider if a risk may be present. If you have any concerns, contact Rampart or the monitoring station.

Low Battery

The alarm may also be beeping due to a low battery in either your alarm panel or in a wireless device. Common wireless alarm devices that may need a low battery replaced include door/window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors. Check the system’s keypad or your phone app for any messages. Contact us for any questions you may have in reading your system’s keypad and notifications.

Faulty Wiring

The alarm may also be tripped if the wires cannot complete the usual communication. The line might be disrupted by renovation or construction work. Wires may also have become less functional with age, weather, and other elements. We recommend having a trained technician check over any wiring concerns you may have.

Proper spacing of door sensor transmitter and magnet should be no more than a pencil diameter..Sensor Alignment

Check to see if you closed all doors and windows completely. Sometimes you may think you closed it completely shut, but it’s a small amount off form the sensor lining up correctly.

Alarm Maintenance

Low batteries and other device issues such as sensitivity can often be prevented. Take a proactive step by scheduling an inspection of your alarm system. Home alarm inspections include cleaning and testing of devices, noting any batteries or devices needing replaced. Our home alarm inspections start at $99 or $49.50 for customers with comprehensive service coverage.

In conclusion, remember your alarm system is beeping for a reason. Most alarm systems can be silenced by arming and disarming with your user code. However, it is best practice to determine the cause of the beeping so that the system can keep you safe.