Last Updated on March 29, 2021 by rampartsecurity

Wondering who is accessing your facility? Where are they going to? What do they really need access to? Prevent theft, accidents, and other unwanted situations by periodically evaluating access levels.

Limited Access Areas

Some areas that may need more security such as a confidential file room, an IT/server room, hazardous materials storage, or other restricted areas. Don’t leave an incident to chance. Access control systems can keep your sensitive areas safe. A good starting point for small or large facilities is to designate a user code for each authorized person. This is one of security experts’ best tips.

Activity Log Shows the Facts

Even building visitors may accidentally enter one of these areas if left unprotected without an access system in place. In the case of an incident, the investigation could be aided with the activity log. Protect your facility, employees, and visitors alike with an access control system. Contact a security professional today to discuss integration with your business alarm system.

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