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Update on 3G Sunset Affecting Alarm Systems continues…

Remember how you used to send messages back in the day? You likely went from older paper notes to dial-up modems to today’s wi-fi hot spots? The way your alarm system sends messages is also evolving. Specifically, the alarm’s cellular communicator that sends signals between your security system and the monitoring station. The cellular network that many alarm systems and cellular communicators are connected to, is being upgraded.

You may recall that a cellular communicator is a cell phone specifically for your alarm system. It sends signals from your alarm system to the central monitoring station. It also is a more secure and reliable means for alarm technicians to detect if service is needed so you don’t miss a beat. If phone lines go down or a power outage occurs, your alarm system cannot communicate unless it has a cellular communicator.

Cellular communicators have risen to become the norm for alarm systems. As cellular network technology has evolved, older cell network standards such as 3G are being replaced by 4G and 5G equipment. While the final day for the 3G sunset has not yet arrived, the move to 5G is underway. When older towers need serviced, 5G is replacing the older network. Subsequently, while 3G may still be available in some areas, it may not be available in your area after a tower needs serviced.

To have continued reliability and a smooth transition to the newer network, we highly recommend upgrading your cellular communicator now. Rampart Security alarm professionals are being as proactive as possible with the switch. We have a large supply of cellular 5G units on hand. Now is the time to avoid a last minute rush and possible inventory shortage. Keeping your alarm system protecting you during this transition and always is our priority. You might soon receive a phone call from us encouraging the upgrade now. Or if you’d like to get ahead, just give us a call at 724-836-0900. Call us today at 724-836-0900 or visit

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Don’t Be Left in the Dark by the 3G Sunset

Quickly becoming the leading network, 5G towers have been appearing in more locations, aiming to provide us a more versatile communication network. 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. This advancement may cause temporary cellular network signal interruptions. The new 5G network for growth is phasing out the older 3G network. This phasing out is referred to as the 3G sunset.

As the 3G network sunsets, 3G towers and 3G devices will no longer be supported in approximately the coming year or two. Evolving technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, enhanced communications, the growing Internet of Things, and forward compatibility, are all expected to benefit from this more extensive network.

What does the network update mean for my alarm system?

Cellular carriers have been preparing for this with more emphasis on 4G long-term evolution (LTE) networks and 5G. Similarly, 3G support is lessening and soon will not be around. This will affect you if you are using 3G devices. Communication providers, including security alarm companies, have been updating as many older devices as possible. If your security system uses a cellular communicator on the 3G network, security experts recommend that you update it with a newer device as soon as possible.

Without an upgrade before the sunset, your security system could lose its means to communicate. Get ahead of the sunset and give yourself peace of mind. The shift to the new network boasts wider coverage, improved network reliability, and higher data speeds.