Don’t Be Left in the Dark by the 3G Sunset

The sunset on 3G cellular communication that you’ve been hearing about is almost here. If cellular devices, such as your phone and cellular communicator for your alarm system are each still on the 3G network instead of 4G or 5G, now is the time to make the switch before it’s too late. Quickly becoming the leading network, 5G towers are appearing in more locations, aiming to provide us a versatile communication network. The new 5G network for growth is phasing out the older 3G network. The 3G sunset refers to this transition from 3G networks to 4G long-term evolution (LTE) networks that manufacturers and carriers are tasked with. With lessening 3G support, the time to start switching any devices you have on the older network is now. If your security system uses a cellular communicator on the 3G network, security experts recommend that you update it with a newer device as soon as possible. Give us a call at 724-836-0900 today to schedule your cellular communicator upgrade.